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Competitive Upgrade Policy

FPE Software recognizes that many people already own sprinkler hydraulics software. But not everyone is happy with their software choice. Purchasing a second or sometimes third hydraulics program is always a difficult expense to justify.

Recognizing this, FPE Software now offers dissatisfied users of other hydraulics programs an inexpensive way to UPGRADE to the easiest hydraulics software ever written for the PC. Just by sending in the ORIGINAL diskette of your old hydraulics software, we will reduce the list price of "THE" Sprinkler Program 2001 by 30%. You get the most up to date version, the same product support and FREE program upgrades for the first six months of ownership.

This competitive upgrade will be honored when ordering by including an ORIGINAL labeled diskette (any version) of the following sprinkler hydraulic software packages:

1)  Firenet - Civil Engineering Software Center
2)  Sprink - Municipal Hydraulics
3)  Hypercalc - Crowley Design Group
4)  Fire - Elite Software
5)  Water - Fire Sprinkler Consultants
6)  Sedan - The Gessler Group
7)  HASS - HRS Systems
8)  HydraTec - Hydratec Inc.
9)  HP4M & HP6M - MC2 Programs Engineering
10)  Sigma - Sigma Hydraulics
11)  Cafe - Vanguard Computations
12)  Spklrcalc - Walsh Engineering
13)  Calcer - Tim Frost Design

If you own a hydraulics software package not listed above and wish to take advantage of our great competitive upgrade offer, call us to discuss it.


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